Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Don't Be Serious

A good way to avoid the influence of wisdom is to make light of everything.  I am reminded of Monty Python's "Life of Brian," as the guys hung on their crosses whistling, 'Always look on the bright side of life."

When people begin to thinking seriously, then they begin to think and say things that are significant and, if not careful, then wisdom is right around the corner.  Nothing can be more honoring in the life of a person wanting casual friendships than to never have a serious conversation.  So avoid that look of concentration and dull the pain and depth of reality with not being serious....

I would also add......Do as you feel.....if one is to stay within the confines of foolishness, then base your decisions on the emotion of the moment.  Spend impulsively, divorce quickly, have those one night stands because.....your feelings are all ya got.  How else could we make decisions?  How else could we determine what is best?   (I apologize...I just committed a basic ...my feelings are sin for people wanting to avoid wisdom...asking rhetorical questions...such things can quickly lead to right answers)

The wonder of living by my feelings is i never have to endure anything.  Persistence, commitment, resistance will never have to be experienced.  An example from scripture to avoid is that of Pilate....he gave way to the emotions of the crowd, path of least resistance, now granted, he condemned an innocent man to die and set a murderer free, but....you get the point.  least resistance is always that going downhill feeling wind rushing in your hair feeling headed towards...well...who cares, i don't feel like thinking about that part....the important thing here is the experience...come on....existence precedes essence right?  Who I am is what I feel....my truth is my truth....feelings are my guide and my governor.....

Some scripture to avoid this week before our continued conversation in Romans....seriously avoid Romans 3-6.....and stick to your guns (oops I am getting ahead of myself....we'll talk about that later) but i do have to say....especially after watching social media and our current political climate....how secure, how confident, the ability to believe in one's own opinions regardless of their veracity; strength needs a firm foundation.....and pride.....is not a strength.  King Philip III of Spain,  died of a fever contracted because he sat too long next to a hot brazier, an iron basket filled with burning charcoal.  He knew he was overheating himself, but the servant whose job it was to remove it could not be found, so he died.  I would say only the arrogant survive but......

Again...Avoid Romans 3-6 before coming to PCC this weekend...then you can say, those nincompoops don't know what they are talking about! after all it is action according to wish, we do not want to be deflected by the facts......

Some other thoughts:
I really do hope you come this weekend.  Congrats to Tharen Taylor, who gave his life to Jesus this past weekend  at PCC and the , I believe, 9 men who gave their life to Jesus at the Walla Walla Prison this weekend.   Yeah God!  His Voice is getting Louder!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Thinking about Wisdom

"The wise have more to learn from the fools, than the fools from the wise."  Erasmus

In trying to understand being wise, I have developed a working knowledge of the exact opposite....foolishness....unwise things.  So I thought I would give you my understanding of foolish living, and any of the things I state, if they seem reflective of me, they are purely coincidental.  It is simply years of research....
so without any further lingering.....Over the next few days I will share some principles to live like a fool:
1.  Don't Think - its very important here to cease to be productive mentally.  Starve your mind of solid food so instead...watch a bunch of TV and spend a bunch of time on the internet.  Pay close attention to the shows that call themselves "Reality" as they try to sneak morals in to you.  And don't forget the point of "don't think" is to avoid anything that would lead to thought....so Golf is in....Church...is out...movies are ok...museums...not so much....again...the main thing is to keep from thinking about the main thing.

Some Thoughts to Avoid:  Romans 1:1-3:31........especially since the pastor will be talking about this on Sunday and the greater distance you can create between yourself and these thoughts the better your chances of living out this principle of foolishness 1. Don't Think

On this journey with you.....Chuck