Tuesday, November 5, 2013

God is enough

I watched a person pull another person out of a burning car on the news.  SCARY!  I ask myself all the time, "How would I react in a dangerous or a difficult situation"?  And especially if I was the one rescued?  The person in that car, (I don't know for sure) probably hugged and thanked the rescuer a bunch.

It made me think of the part of our"Cover to Cover" series we are in and Chapter 8 of "The Story."
Israel seems to be in this pattern of following God, then not following God.  It's a cycle of sin that patterns their life for the next 300 years.  Israel conquers Canaan, then God appoints Deborah as a judge and strong leader to deliver her people.  Later the Midianites were oppressing Israel and God called Gideon to deliver His people.  Then the Philistines dominate Israel and God prepares Samson as a judge.

God never tolerates sin and, at the same time, never breaks His covenant with His people.  It does not appear that Israel ever fully understands God's discipline but over and over God brings Israel to their knees in order to bring them to Himself.

This part of scripture helps me understand a couple things.  God uses surprising people to accomplish His will.  Like the person with the burned car situation, they were not planning on pulling someone out of the fire today....but they did. Perhaps you are someone's unlikely hero today....they need to know Jesus....and you are the person to share with them...you are it.

Another thing I noticed is the dangerous cycle we could all find ourselves in  from time to time when we rely on false gods......sin...God's judgment...crying out for help...God providing deliverance.  Just be aware of those dangerous cycles in your life.

Perhaps the biggest thing I get from this week's study is the thought....when will we ever get to place in life where we realize God is enough?

Remembering God's faithfulness today,