Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cover to Cover #2 "Faith"

We all know what it is like for someone to keep a promise and we probably have all have had someone  not keep a promise.

God promises Abraham to make his descendants into a great nation, to also give him the land he was in to live and to bless all other nations through the nation Israel. As the story unfolds we see how God uses broken people to fulfill His unbreakable promise.

  What sin changes, faith overcomes.  I am noticing as I read God's Word this week, and I was also reading chapter 2 of "The Story," that in spite of their failures, God's people respond in faith.

As you read your bible this week, notice a couple things....
*  Genesis 12:1-5  Notice God's part of the promise and Abram's part....what are they?
*  Seeing the sacrifice of faith for Abram and Sarai, is there something in your own life that requires that kind  of obedience to His instructions?
*  we also see how Abraham and Sarah try to move God along faster than God was moving, it is common for us to try and jump ahead of God and His timing.  Why is it so hard to be patient?
*  What are the lessons a person could learn about God and His interaction with Hagar?

This week our prayer is for strength to make the next step of faith that God is calling you to take.  Ask God to grow your patience as you wait on His will in every aspect of your life. Lastly, thank God for the people He has placed in your life as model's of faith.

A lot of great things going on this week.  Pray for the Bible Club at Emerson starting today, Tuesday!  Over 40 kids signed up to walk through God's Word this school year.  Very excited for this.  If you want to join us and help on Tuesdays 3-4:15pm ( our team can always use  more smiling faces)

See you this weekend! 10am at PCC

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cover to Cover #1

I hope you take this journey with us this year.  For the next few months, each week, I will try to provide some extra devo's for the week, or at least some thoughts to chew on.  With Chapter 1 of the story we definitely see that sin changes everything.  But I often wondered what would it would be like to have a perfect walk in the garden with God. Knowing that my walk is far from perfect I do know that my normal every day has to have a conversation with God.  This week...spend time everyday with God.  Tell him what is on your heart.
Now I know, Satan will not like that you or I will be desiring to spend everyday with God...be aware of the cycle of sin that Satan throws our way.  And be prepared to take some steps to restore/reconcile relationship(s) with others.
Doing some reading in Genesis chapters 1-35; Romans 4; Hebrews 11 to get ready for this weekend together.
Also, the response to connect in Lifegroup has been incredible. Over 12 have started into the story or are starting this weekend.  For info on groups near you or for starting one near you call the office or bump into us at the welcome center this weekend!  Ronda and I are starting a new one at our home Sunday evenings, starting this next Sunday, Sept. 22nd, 6:30pm (shameless blog plug)

See you this weekend,  8:45am for classes & 10am for worship