Thursday, January 24, 2013


How to help people form community consistent with their conviction is interesting work. The church is a group of people on a journey that insist on living consistent with the conviction that God is the Lord of history, and we are reminded to serve this world  in view of the Cross of Jesus and Him crucified.  As a community of faith we must provide a context that encourages us to trust and depend on one another.

It is encouraging to see the fruit of that community at Pasco Christian.  I love seeing families and individuals continue to blend in and join in this journey.  You are loved so much, not just by me and this community of faith, but more importantly you are loved by God, the leader of this story being written in Community.  Looking forward to carrying on the story with you...

Live Love

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Night

Unwinding from a Sunday at home.  Wonderful worship today.  Great workout tonight. Listened to the podcast "An American Life" & it made me think about another great radio personality, Paul Harvey.  I loved Paul Harvey.  He would always say...."and now you know...the rest....of the story." 
its as simple as....
You want to hear the rest of the story?  Then hang out....You want to know part of the story?  Then don't.   "The Forgotten" series we are leaning in to will, I think, reveal how the Big God Story will  help unpack the rest of our personal story.  It will reveal how some people desire to remain forgotten and will undermine all attempts to allow a renewing of their mind, the old self just wants to be in charge.
Enough on that.... eye exam...Tonight....Rest

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Love watching the local sports teams, their coaches and  fans. There is an excitement and an anticipation.  Day after day, week after week, year after year there is an investment and sacrifice.  We seem to get that when it comes to sports.  Time, Talent, Resources gets committed and even loyalty comes in to play....I have noticed Kennewick and Kamiakin bring it to the table every time they are together.  Richland and Hanford go at it, Pasco and Chiawana take their shots too. 
 I can always learn a lot from team, commitment and loyalty.  I plan on doing that in this year.  As I dig into the Bible I love seeing how Jesus grew His dysfunctional team and taught them how to invest & die to themselves each day....all about team......Jesus' team .....corny perhaps, but this works for me...


Friday, January 11, 2013


Stepping in to this new year....and the word stuck in my head?  Forgotten.....(that is the word, not that I am too old and have forgotten the word....the word is Forgotten)   People just do not pay I need to prove that to you? ....Didn't think so....Some live a life they hope others forget....

It may not be years, months, weeks or days....some of us have lived in the Forgotten maybe just an hour.....but the hope was no one would know and no one would see and no one would care.....Forgotten....

Some just go off the map, to lonely paths or forbidden question that we hope to tackle in the next few weeks....WHY DO WE DO THAT?  Feel free to respond!