Monday, April 4, 2016

Thinking about Wisdom

"The wise have more to learn from the fools, than the fools from the wise."  Erasmus

In trying to understand being wise, I have developed a working knowledge of the exact opposite....foolishness....unwise things.  So I thought I would give you my understanding of foolish living, and any of the things I state, if they seem reflective of me, they are purely coincidental.  It is simply years of research....
so without any further lingering.....Over the next few days I will share some principles to live like a fool:
1.  Don't Think - its very important here to cease to be productive mentally.  Starve your mind of solid food so a bunch of TV and spend a bunch of time on the internet.  Pay close attention to the shows that call themselves "Reality" as they try to sneak morals in to you.  And don't forget the point of "don't think" is to avoid anything that would lead to Golf is out...movies are ok...museums...not so much....again...the main thing is to keep from thinking about the main thing.

Some Thoughts to Avoid:  Romans 1:1-3:31........especially since the pastor will be talking about this on Sunday and the greater distance you can create between yourself and these thoughts the better your chances of living out this principle of foolishness 1. Don't Think

On this journey with you.....Chuck

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