Monday, March 28, 2016

Necessary Action

I love popcorn!  I especially like it when watching a movie or a game.  I even like watching the corn go from a hard seed into a fluffy, tasty treat.  In the microwave, or air popper (for you old enough), the kernel heats up and the moisture inside turns to steam and when that happens the kernel cannot contain the pressure and BAMMM!  Tasty popcorn!
My wife, Ronda,  is in a lot of math classes so here is the formula:  Microwave is to Popcorn what the local church is to a Christian.  The church is the environment that God has created to transform christians in to what we were created and redeemed to be:  followers of Jesus Christ.
These next few months at PCC, on Sunday mornings, we will see how that can take place as we continue through our journey of the New Testament.
We will also have our "Next Step" Class going the next 2 weeks for those new to PCC . 8:45am on Sundays.  There are also other classes for adults, youth and children at 8:45am.  Hope to see you here!
Incredible Resurrection Day Celebration!  Jesus has Risen Indeed!


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