Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wandering < God Strategy

How many people love math?!
Wandering is less than God's Strategy so....
Therefore   GS + 0 = HF (Having Faith)        

This new generation of Israelites, led by Joshua and Caleb, are the first to step foot into the land promised by God.  And God's math, or perhaps best to say His strategy is to take over the land He promised, in not so conventional ways.  Read the fist part of Joshua to see the marching band version of how to capture a city.

Actually it is this phrase, "be strong and courageous" that we can lean in to this week. Christians, today, live in a  world that flows so strongly against the desires of the heart of God that Christ followers get identified by simply how they live.  How is that going this week?  Take a stand in your home, your school, your neighborhood, your work for Jesus this week.

Often, like the people of Israel, we are fearful of challenges and do not want to deal with them.  think of a challenge you have "back burnered" and then face it and deal with it.  Remember God is closer than you think.  Find ways to be accountable in this process this week.

It's exciting to grow, not only in knowledge of God's Word, but also in actions and attitude.  My prayer for us all this week is a renewed and deeper love for God's Word and a commitment to continue reading and applying God's truth every day.  I am also praying for you to be bold and courageous for the cause of Christ!

See you this weekend at PCC.

Loving God and you


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