Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Ultimate Deliverer

Watching some Major League Baseball playoffs (on the DVR because it only takes 2 minutes) and seeing how happy people are when someone on the team deliverers in the clutch part of the game.  Its a big hit to win or an incredible pitch that the hitter misses.  We judge performance on how you deliver.  Even at your favorite eating establishment.  Can they deliver the goods you just ordered?!  The pressure is on!

Moses meets up with God at a bush that is burning, yet not burning.  God commissions Moses to be Israel's deliverer. Even when Pharaoh would not let the Israelite slaves go, God (our ultimate deliverer) gives us a glimpse, a shadow of what is to come with the Passover experience.  Blood from the innocent lamb rubbed on the doorposts so that the death angel would pass over the homes marked.

God delivering His people to the promised land is also a clue to the deliverance that Christ Jesus would later bring.  All this got me to thinking....
*  How did Moses' life experiences prepare him for God's call?  And what life experiences in your life does God use to minister to others?

*  How did Moses see his abilities and how did god see them?

*  When Pharaoh's heart was hardened we think, "how can that be?"  yet many times do we harden our heart?  and what should we do about it?

*  We need to commit to allowing God to use us as a conduit of His grace and truth to those around us that are enslaved or imprisoned.

 *  Moses face was radiant because he had spoken to the Lord.  What evidence of your relationship with the Lord would others say they see in you?

Just some thoughts....   See you this weekend!

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