Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Being Different - Set Apart - for God's purposes

 I was watching a mom discipline her child at a store a couple days ago.  a bunch of memories flashed through my mind about how my parents chose to discipline me (and I am sure they were times of discipline for the right reason).  Our parents rules are usually met with not the greatest optimism, but I now know they have/had my best interest at heart (and I was fortunate for that).

As the journey continues for Israel in our "Cover to Cover" series, we see a Holy God requires a holy people, so they are about to set themselves apart (consecrate) so that they can now meet with God.  They were invited to a direct relationship with the LORD, but opted for Moses to act as an intermediary on their behalf.

We get to see how the nation responds to those 10 commandments, and how they not only relate to God but to each other.  We also start to see that God is not just a God out there, He is now going to be a God with the people, amongst them.

God's grace compels a devotion to Him alone.  He is a jealous God for our benefit; all other gods lead to sin and death.  His people are free, not to act anyway they want, but free to become who He created them to be.  Holy, different, designed to point the world to Him.  God's redemption of Israel was not jsut from slavery, but for holiness as well.  Their freedom had a purpose.

It made me think of the disciplined child at the store.....did they then think before they walked into the store....everything that my mom says I will now do....?....Did they only think that knowing punishment was being dealt out?

I pray God gives you a clear vision of who He is this week.  Your story matters.  Welcome God into your heart, home, school, work.  It's OK to be different and set apart for God's purpose.  Be set apart this week.

Hope to see you this weekend at PCC.


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