Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life Groups in the Summer

School is starting to wind down, vacation plans are being made, but what about our Lifegroup? Summer time is tricky for a lot of people, because if you do your normal Lifegroup schedule, you will likely have less people in your group during the summer weeks.
Some of our groups at Pasco Christian take the summer off from meeting every week, but that does not mean that they stop as a group. If your groups will plan ahead, summer can be a positive, growing experience.
Here is how we advise our groups to handle the summer schedule – bring a calendar to a meeting in May and lay out the next 3 months:
  • In June, plan 1 social event and 1 serving opportunity. Some ideas (school's out party, help organize our church food bank for the summer)
  • In July, plan an outdoor Lifegroup party (July 4th is perfect) and another serving opportunity.
  • Put in the calendar what your first “official” meeting back in the end of August will be.  this Fall we, as a church will be going through the book, "The Story", so  getting back into the habit of meeting before Labor Day would be smart.
Summer time is an incredible time to grow in community at PCC.  Looking forward to it together.


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