Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Night

Unwinding from a Sunday at home.  Wonderful worship today.  Great workout tonight. Listened to the podcast "An American Life" & it made me think about another great radio personality, Paul Harvey.  I loved Paul Harvey.  He would always say...."and now you know...the rest....of the story." 
its as simple as....
You want to hear the rest of the story?  Then hang out....You want to know part of the story?  Then don't.   "The Forgotten" series we are leaning in to will, I think, reveal how the Big God Story will  help unpack the rest of our personal story.  It will reveal how some people desire to remain forgotten and will undermine all attempts to allow a renewing of their mind, the old self just wants to be in charge.
Enough on that.... eye exam...Tonight....Rest

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